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donor-fund-typesEstablishing a Fund

Establishing a fund is simple and convenient.   You can begin to set up a fund at the Community Foundation by following the simple steps below, or by contacting Christine Burghoff, Director of Giving Strategies, at 314-880-4967 or Donna Frederick, Giving Strategist at 314-880-4958. Our experts will work closely with the donors throughout the process to help them translate their passion into meaningful actions that support the causes and organizations they care about.



 To make a gift today – open a fund

1.  Determine what type of fund makes the most sense:  Donor Advised, Scholarship, Field of Interest, Designated, or Unrestricted.

2.  If the donor decides to utilize a donor advised fund, the Community Foundation provides an online form to facilitate the process of creating a fund. If the donor prefers to establish another type of fund or would prefer a customized donor advised fund agreement, contact Christine Burghoff, Director of Giving Strategies, at 314-880-4967 or Donna Frederick, Giving Strategist at 314-880-4958.

3. Before creating a fund, the donor should consider the following:

    • NAME OF THE FUND - The donor chooses the fund name; typically, it includes the term “fund” or “foundation” (e.g. The Peter and Jane Smith Family Foundation). If the donor prefers, they can choose an anonymous fund name (e.g. The Making a Difference Fund).
    • NAME OF DONOR AND SUCCESSOR ADVISORS - Typically, the donor serves as the initial advisor to the fund if it is a donor-advised fund. A successor advisor makes recommendations for the fund in the event the donor is unable to do so. 
    • INVESTMENT OPTIONS -  The investment of the fund is based on the donor’s charitable goals and grantmaking timeline. The Community Foundation offers customized investment options for funds valued over $150,000. The Community Foundation partners with Vanguard to offer four primary investment strategies: Money Market Pool (100% Cash Equivalents), Wealth Preservation Pool (25% Equity/75% Fixed Income), Balanced Pool (50% Equity/50% Fixed Income), and Growth Pool (75% Equity/25% Fixed Income).

    •  IDENTIFY INITIAL ASSETS -  The donor determines the amount and type of assets used to establish their Fund.

4.  We will provide you with a draft fund agreement for your review. If it meets with your approval,
      sign and date an original fund agreements and email or mail it, to us at: 
     #2 Oak Knoll Park, St. Louis, MO 63105

      We will
return a fully executed counterpart to the donor for their records.

5.  The donor makes a gift. If the gift is cash, it’s as easy as sending in a check. For a gift of stock, contact
     Jenny Praytor for transfer instructions.  If the donation is a complex asset like real estate, closely
     held stock or a partnership interest, contact
Christine Burghoff or Donna Frederick to help coordinate
     this donation.

6.  Once the gift is finalized, the donor can begin to make grant recommendations immediately. Contact
     Wendy Witte, Donor Services Manager, at 314-880-4962 to begin making your grants.


To make a bequest

The Community Foundation provides suggested language to assist donors and their attorneys in making gifts to different types of funds at the Community Foundation.





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