A Century of Service. Giving for Good.

The Foundation offers creative and practical tools that help your clients meet their charitable giving goals.


Most donors partner with the Foundation through a simple fund agreement that requires less than an hour to prepare. Our staff guides you and your clients through three easy steps that creates an agreement customized to achieve both your charitable as well as financial goals.  


The Foundation’s broad mission, public charity status, and professional staff enable it to handle nearly any type of contribution for any charitable purpose. While we focus primarily on the St. Louis region, our grantmaking extends across the nation as well as internationally. Our flexibility also allows us to offer a full range of investment alternatives capable of supporting the full spectrum of grantmaking goals.

Tax Benefits

Donors to the Foundation typically gain the maximum income and estate tax benefits allowable for giving. In addition, our public charity status frees the Foundation and its component funds from the government regulations imposed on private or family foundations. We are not subject to an excise tax, mandatory distribution rules, and regulations that limit who can receive grants. 

Cost Effective

The Foundation holds over 400 funds.  This enables us to provide administrative, grantmaking, and investment management services at a fraction of the cost that the typical donor would spend to purchase them separately. In addition, donors with more modest funds can benefit from services and investment options they simply could not get independently.

Greater Impact

The Foundation’s staff is here to help you and your client assess the effectiveness of a grant, research alternatives, or connect with other resources that can help ensure grants make the most impact. When advisors and the Foundation work together, donors gain the confidence to treat their gifts like the investments they are – in community, religious organization, school - or whatever cause resonates with a donor’s charitable objectives.

Donor Recognition

The Foundation recognizes donors in ways that match their style of giving.  Typically, most donors are credited, along with the name of their fund, in all grant distribution letters and grant checks.  The Foundation also provides the ability for donors to remain anonymous if that is their wish.


We carry your client’s charitable intent forward in perpetuity through endowed funds. Our board and staff ensure that these funds grow over time and remain focused on the donor’s giving objectives. If these objectives ever become impossible to carry out, the board has the flexibility and responsibility to redirect the funds to make sure your client’s intent is achieved.



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