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donor-fund-typesEach fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation represents a unique charitable giving partnership with you.

Each fund  is governed by an agreement which is customized to incorporate your charitable intent, the role you and your family will play in overseeing the distributions from the fund and the Foundation’s role as administrator. The Foundation’s staff uses unwavering objectivity and renowned technical skill when working with you and/or your advisors to craft each fund agreement. Our funds make giving easier by providing tax-efficient, cost-effective charitable giving tools that will help you make a difference in the lives of others.   

Our basic fund types are listed below. Many donors incorporate more than one fund type into their portfolio, depending on their particular needs.

Donor Advised Funds
Donor Advised Funds are the Foundation’s most popular fund type. They are flexible, cost effective, and straightforward. Grants are made by the Foundation’s board based on the charities donors recommend and, if specified, the recommendations of future generations. We maintain grant records, monitor distributions, and help network donors to community resources that support their giving. Many advisors view Donor Advised Funds favorably as a practical alternative to private family foundations.

Designated Funds
Designated Funds allow donors to identify one or more charities to receive annual grant distributions in perpetuity or for a specific time frame. We monitor grant recipients to ensure that they remain focused on their intended purpose and are achieving results in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Many advisors find this type a good tool for helping donors make gifts through their estates.

Scholarship Funds
Scholarship Funds give donors the opportunity to provide educational support for students at every level of education, from preschool to postgraduate studies and vocational training. Donors may designate a particular field of study, a specific educational institution, and/or eligibility requirements.

Field of Interest Funds
Field of Interest Funds enable donors to focus their giving on a particular area of interest, like the arts, education, or environment. Within the specified interest area, we seek out the best grantmaking opportunities and programs with charities we’ve selected as capable of achieving the donor’s overall objectives. 

Supporting Foundations
Supporting Foundations offer the flexibility and convenience of a Donor Advised Fund but provide a more formal giving structure. These independent foundations are legally affiliated with the Foundation, but with their own boards, grantmaking programs, and investment structures. While they typically require substantial charitable assets to start, they benefit from the Foundation’s public charity status and avoid much of the regulation, complexity, and cost associated with a private foundation. They also benefit from the Foundation’s recordkeeping, accounting, grants management, and consultative services that support all our donors in their commitment to make a significant difference through charitable giving.

For more information on establishing a fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation, contact Christine Burghoff at 314-880-4967.




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