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St. Louis Community Foundation

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Saint Louis, MO 63105

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accreditedcfsealThe St. Louis Communitiy Foundation, the first community foundation established in Missouri, is proud to be among an elite group nationwide to be confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

    • S

      Scholarship Fund:

      Established to provide support for individuals who are pursuing some training or educational opportunity. Grants may be awarded to the individuals or they may be awarded to educational institutions.

    • Securities, Privately Held:

      Stocks and bonds not traded on public exchanges, often owned by family members or a few individuals. Also known as Closely Held Securities.

    • Securities, Publicly Traded:

      Stocks and bonds traded on public exchanges

    • Seed Money:

      A grant or contribution used to start a new project or organization.

    • Spending Policy:

      An agreed-upon policy that determines what percentage of a group of assets, such as an endowment, should be spent to cover both operating costs and grants of an institution. Typical spending rules combine calculations based on previous years’ spending, the current year’s income and investment return rates, and the policy of the foundation covering grant commitments.

    • Split Interest Gift:

      Gifts that have two distinct parts or “interests:” a charitable interest and a non-charitable interest, often the donor.

    • Supporting Organization:

      A supporting organization is a charity that is not required to meet the public support test because it supports a public charity. To be a supporting organization, a charity must meet one of three complex legal tests that assure, at a minimum, that the organization being supported has some influence over the actions of the supporting organization. Although a supporting organization may be formed to benefit any type of public charity, the use of this form is particularly common in connection with community foundations. Supporting organizations are distinguishable from donor advised funds because they are distinct legal entities.

St. Louis Community Foundation

#2 Oak Knoll Park, St. Louis, MO 63105
tel 314-588-8200, fax 314-588-8088