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St. Louis Community Foundation

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Saint Louis, MO 63105

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accreditedcfsealThe St. Louis Communitiy Foundation, the first community foundation established in Missouri, is proud to be among an elite group nationwide to be confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

    • T

      Tax Exempt Organizations:

      Organizations that do not have to pay state and/or federal income taxes. Federal tax-exempt status can be obtained by applying to the IRS, and in most states, for state income-tax exemptions to the state attorney general’s office.

    • Tipping:

      The situation that occurs when a gift or grant is made that is large enough to significantly alter the grantee’s funding base and cause it to fail the public support test. Such a gift or grant results in “tipping” or conversion from public charity to private foundation status.

    • Transfers:

      1) The moving of dollars from one asset account to another within a fund (Pool asset account to checking account, for example). (2) ‘the moving of dollars from one fund to another fund (Interfund Grant from Fund A received as Interfund Gift in Fund B).

    • Trust:

      A legal device used to set aside the money or property of one person for the benefit of one or more persons or organizations.

    • Trust Form:

      For a community foundation, when the investment responsibility resides with the trust department of one or more banks or brokerage firms and such trust departments have responsibility for the development and implementation of investment policy.

    • Trustee:

      (1) A board member of a foundation. Trustees are responsible for setting foundation policy and making fund decisions. (2) An individual or corporation named to administer the terms of a trust document.

St. Louis Community Foundation

#2 Oak Knoll Park, St. Louis, MO 63105
tel 314-588-8200, fax 314-588-8088