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St. Louis Community Foundation

#2 Oak Knoll Park
Saint Louis, MO 63105

tel 314-588-8200
fax 314-588-8088

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accreditedcfsealThe St. Louis Communitiy Foundation, the first community foundation established in Missouri, is proud to be among an elite group nationwide to be confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

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      Variance Power:

      Of the many distinguishing features of a community foundation, this is perhaps the most unique. Simply stated, should the purposes of any fund within the Foundation become “impossible, impractical, or illegal” to perform, the Board is responsible to redirect the purposes of the fund, keeping in mind to the extent possible the original intent of the donor.

St. Louis Community Foundation

#2 Oak Knoll Park, St. Louis, MO 63105
tel 314-588-8200, fax 314-588-8088