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wealth-establishEstablishing a fund with the St. Louis Community Foundation is the first step in helping your client make a difference through charitable giving.

The Foundation is an agile and creative partner that works with advisors and their clients address their charitable giving interests and needs.

The following steps will help establish your client’s charitable fund:

Clarify Charitable Intent

We typically begin our partnership by helping your client clarify their charitable intent.  What do they want to accomplish now and in the future? Do they hope to address a specific issue within our community, help a particular group, or provide ongoing support to certain organizations? Together, we’ll define the role they and their family will play in how distributions are made.

Shaping Your Client’s Charitable Gift Fund

Once we’ve clarified your client’s charitable intent, we’ll work to identify the most appropriate Fund Types. Advisors and their clients partner with the Foundation’s staff to shape a charitable gift fund that uses one or all of the basic fund types as building blocks. Every fund agreement is customized to reflect your client’s goals.

Choose the Most Appropriate Way to Give

Together, we’ll develop a charitable giving strategy that maximizes the dollars available for charity while reducing both current and future taxes.  These strategies involve choosing the best assets to give and identifying best gift timing. Visit our Ways to Give section for more detail.

How to Learn More

Explore the benefits of a charitable giving partnership with the St. Louis community Foundation by contacting Christine Burghoff at 314-880-4967.



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