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Charities - Sign up now for Your Giving Link!

img-missionThe Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation is launching Your Giving Link, which connects regional charities with potential donors who are interested in your organization and its impact on our community. Your information will be posted for free and will be visible to anyone who visits our website.  

The purpose of your profile should be to provide the reader with enough valuable information that they want to visit your full website.  Below are a few tips for making your profile get and keep their attention.

Be Brief

Readers may look at several profiles during their visit and will not want to spend hours with each one.  Long paragraphs of text may immediately turn them off, so make every word count.

Think about what the reader wants to know

What are your organization’s most exciting achievements?  What are the questions you hear most often when you explain the services you provide?  Make a list of this information and present it in a clear way.

Make it personal

Don’t forget the human element of your organization.  The reader needs to connect on a personal level as much as possible before they can begin to visualize making a commitment to help.

Establish credibility by using facts

Using specifics about your organization builds trust with the reader. It is far more impactful to say “We have provided 18,659 meals to St. Louis families in the past 12 months” rather than “We have provided thousands of food items.”

Avoid jargon

The nonprofit world is filled with language that may sound unfamiliar to readers who don’t spend their days working in the industry.  Your writing should be clear, concise, and written to a level that a middle school student could easily understand.

Focus on your strengths

Study your organization and identified your unique strengths. Talk to as many people as you can – your staff, clients, outside partners – and find out what they think you do better than anyone else. This should form the basis of information you highlight throughout your profile.

Correct grammar and spelling are crucial

Write your profile in a word processing program so it can check your spelling and grammar, then cut and paste the text into our database.  Most potential donors will be educated people who might lose confidence in an organization that does not present itself in a professional, intelligent manner.

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