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Foundation Assists National Blues Museum with Strategic Plan

St. Louis is at the United States’ geographic crossroads, soaking up influences from each point of the compass in everything from our cuisine to our architecture. Nowhere is this more evident than in our musical traditions, and no musical tradition is more important, more authentic, and more utterly “St. Louis” than the blues.

The city is poised to take its rightful place as a nationally-recognized center for blues music with the opening of the National Blues Museum in the MX District on Washington Avenue. The project is currently in its development stages and has an ambitious plan to bring not only a world-class museum to downtown, but also provide a learning center and public outreach programs.

The Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation has provided assistance to the museum project through the creation of a strategic plan that will guide the team as they move forward.

“There are two things in play for us right now: we’re building a museum and while also starting a nonprofit to support it. We have a museum design team for the building, but needed someone to help us create an organization that could move the project forward,” said Dawne Massey, project director for the museum.

“We met with Diane Drollinger, the Community Foundation’s director of community partnerships, and she showed us how to create a structure that would be flexible enough to transition to the different phases we’re going to go through,” Massey said.

For more information about The National Blues Museum, visit http://www.nationalbluesmuseum.org/.

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