A Century of Service. Giving for Good.

Proudly Serving STL for 100 Years!

It is our birthday – our centennial in fact.

On January 21, 1915, a group of charitable St. Louisans formed a community trust now known as the St. Louis Community Foundation, with the intent to maximize the impact of local philanthropy by pooling financial resources. In fact, St. Louis followed Cleveland, Ohio, and was the second metro area in the country to form such a foundation.

Since that time, we’ve been proudly helping our donors put their charitable-giving plans into action by helping them make contributions to nonprofits in the St. Louis area and beyond. Today, we have nearly $300 million in assets and have made more than $30 million in grants this year on our donor’s behalf to approximately 1,250 organizations.

As we begin our second century of service, we want to thank our many donors, the countless nonprofits that enrich our community, and the many professional advisors who bring the Community Foundation and its services to the table when working with their clients. Together, we look forward to continuing to make St. Louis a stronger, more vibrant community.

St. Louis Community Foundation

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