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Philanthropy & The Next Generation

img0981440wClarity, communication, and multigenerational collaboration are essential as St. Louis Community Foundation donors seek to involve the next generation in their funds and giving activities. To jump start the dialogue, the Community Foundation recently brought 21/64, a nonprofit consulting group specializing in multigenerational engagement, to St. Louis for a day of conversation with three key groups: donors, professional wealth advisors, and Community Foundation staff. 

During the day, participants were challenged to answer the following questions:

   — What is the legacy that you aspire to leave? 

   — What is the impact you want to achieve? 

   — Who is the funder you aspire to be?

Determining the answers to these questions will help donors — and their wealth advisors — articulate a charitable vision. In addition, 21/64 provided a colorful deck of images for donors and wealth advisors to use to drive conversations and define intentions, which provide the framework for a mission statement.

If you would like to learn more about the day’s activities, please contact the following: 


Wendy Witte
Donor Services Manager


Professional Advisors:  
Christine Burghoff
Director of Gift Planning

Donna Frederick
Giving Strategist


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