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What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a collection of funds established by a wide range of donors, including individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits. Each fund is a reflection of the charitable interests of the donor. Community foundations make grants to charitable organizations from these funds. There are more than 800 community foundations across the United States.


What is the advantage of a community foundation over a private foundation?

Working with the St. Louis Community Foundation makes your client’s philanthropic giving simple and effective. We handle all of the administration, record-keeping, and issuance of financial statements. If your clients are uncertain about what charities or causes they wish to support, our knowledgeable staff can assist them in establishing their philanthropic goals and introduce them to charities that match their interests.

The Community Foundation is equipped to handle a wide variety of gifts such as real estate, publicly traded and closely held stock, and life insurance.


What are the minimum amounts for setting up a fund at the Community Foundation?

The minimum amount to establish a donor-advised, field-of-interest, designated, or unrestricted fund  can be as small as $10,000, but a typical range is $50,000-$100,000. The minimum investment to establish an endowed scholarship fund is $50,000.


How quickly can a fund be set up?

A fund can be set up in one or two days. The process is very simple, and we need only to have a signed fund agreement from your client to set up a new fund. The fund will be formally established and available for grantmaking after charitable gifts have been transferred to the Community Foundation. To begin the process, contact Christine Burghoff at 314-880-4967.


What are the fees involved in setting up a fund?

The Community Foundation charges no setup fees. However, there are support fees that are tiered based on the type and size of the fund.

For Donor Advised Funds, support fees are quoted as a percentage of the fund’s average net asset value. These fees range between 1% for the first $500,000 to a flat rate of 0.25% for investments over $5 million.  There is a minimum support fee of $500. There are no transaction fees.

Support fees for Scholarship Funds are quoted as a flat rate of 1.5%.  There is a minimum support fee of $1,000.

Investment management fees vary depending on the manager who handles the fund, the fund’s allocation, and its size.  The Community Foundation recovers the investment management fees it pays out each quarter.  There are no markups on these fees.

For the fee schedule for all Community Foundation funds offered, click here.


How will the Community Foundation invest the assets of a charitable fund?

Our donors’ grantmaking objectives are the primary factor in determining the appropriate investment strategy for a fund.

Each of our funds is typically pooled together with other funds, which allows the Community Foundation to offer economies of scale for both administrative cost and investment performance. The Community Foundation’s accounting system tracks each fund’s performance and provides detailed quarterly financial statements. We also offer custom investment pools for larger funds.

The Community Foundation’s four primary investment strategies are Money Market Pool (100% Cash Equivalents), Wealth Preservation Pool (25% Equity/75% Fixed Income), Balanced Pool (50% Equity/50% Fixed Income), and Growth Pool (75% Equity/25% Fixed Income). For more information on the investment options, click here.

These investment strategies are subject to the Foundation’s investment policy. To request a copy of this policy or receive additional information, please contact Dwight Canning, Chief Financial Officer, at 314-880-4969.



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