A Century of Service. Giving for Good.

giving-for-good-rgbgreyThe St. Louis Community Foundation offers a range of charitable funds, allowing you to choose the vehicle best suited for the donor’s philanthropic needs.

Type of Fund

How Created & Reason for Selection

Areas of Interest & Type of SupportMinimum Donation

Donor Advised Funds

Donor makes charitable giving easier by making grants to their favorite nonprofits from one fund

Donor recommends areas of interest and type of support


Scholarship Funds

Donor establishes scholarship criteria to support the type of student important to them, and the Community Foundation oversees scholarship process

Donor recommends areas of interest and type of support

$50,000 Endowed

$25,000 Non-endowed

Field of Interest Funds

Donor creates a resource to support the causes your client cares about

Donor determines an area of interest  – such as the arts, education, health, and human services or the environment—and type of support


Designated Funds

Donor wants to support favorite charitable organizations in perpetuity or over a term of years with assurance that intentions will be honored

Donor names agency and type of support; Community Foundation staff monitors for compliance


Discretionary Endowed Funds

Donor supports and serves the community in perpetuity and leaves a lasting legacy

Any area of interest


Giving for Good Fund Community FundDonor makes permanent gift to St. Louis endowment which supports the St. Louis regionMeets the most urgent needs facing our communityAny size gift makes a difference

Supporting Organization

For those with complex philanthropic goals and the desire to create a corporate entity that will perpetuate their philanthropic legacy

Any area of interest


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