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Designated Funds

Designated funds are established to ensure that support will be provided to specific charities. These are often organizations in which donors have been involved during their lifetimes and are interested in providing long-term financial stability. If the named organization goes out of business or changes the purpose of its activities, the Community Foundation will ensure that the donors’ charitable goals are continued, and we’ll redirect funds to other charities without losing time or depleting the fund by expensive court proceedings. This authority of our board, called the variance power, is an attractive feature to donors who have established funds in perpetuity and donors who have set up funds for narrow purposes but understand that the future is unpredictable. Our board will carefully review the facts before recommending any change.

Designated funds may last in perpetuity or for a prescribed term of years, or the entire balance in the fund can be expended during the lifetime of the donors.

For more information on establishing a fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation, contact Christine Burghoff, Director of Giving Strategies, at 314-880-4967 or Donna Frederick, Giving Strategist at 314-880-4958.



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