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Donor Advised Funds

Donor advised funds are established to create a flexible means to contribute to various charitable purposes and to minimize the inconvenience of financial administration.

Donors make grant recommendations to charities of their choice; we vet the nonprofits, write the checks, and handle the reporting. While the recommendations can’t be binding (under Internal Revenue Service rules our board has the final say), we take the suggestions very seriously. Our board has established broad guidelines for suggestion approval, assuring rapid processing of each grant, which bears the name of the donor’s fund.

Donor advised funds offer several advantages. They give the donor:

  • The services of experienced and professional grantmaking, financial, and investment staff
  • An immediate tax deduction without having to make quick decisions about which charities to support
  • The maximum deduction allowed by law
  • The opportunity to build an endowment over time
  • Modest fees

Donor advised funds may last in perpetuity, for a prescribed term of years, or the entire balance in the fund can be expended during the lifetime of the donors or successors.

For more information on establishing a fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation, contact Christine Burghoff, Director of Giving Strategies, at 314-880-4967 or Donna Frederick, Giving Strategist at 314-880-4958.



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