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Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest funds are established by people who have a particular area of charitable interest. The donor decides the purpose of the fund (such as the arts, programs for persons with disabilities, or services for children; or they can choose a more specific focus—such as drug abuse or prevention of teen suicide) and the Community Foundation identifies agencies that are effectively accomplishing that purpose.

We research and prepare a grant spending plan for that field of interest. Our board validates that proposed grants meet the donor’s intent. After we make each grant we monitor the results.

The advantage of a field of interest fund is that it keeps up with the times. For example, the arts will always depend on private philanthropy, and we’ll always have to be concerned about our young people. But many new and exciting arts groups have sprung up all over the city, and obstacles confronting today’s youth aren’t the same as those facing kids 40 years ago. Rather than locking a charitable contribution into a few specific charities, a field of interest fund will always be able to meet contemporary needs.

Field of interest funds may last in perpetuity or for a prescribed term of years, or the entire balance in the fund can be expended during the lifetime of the donors.

For more information on establishing a fund at the St. Louis Community Foundation, contact Christine Burghoff, Director of Giving Strategies, at 314-880-4967 or Donna Frederick, Giving Strategist at 314-880-4958.



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