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There are many advantages to working with the Foundation when establishing a scholarship fund:

Scholarship programs can support students from the time they start preschool until they receive a graduate degree or beyond. They can target students with special talents or those who are from a specific school or town, majoring in a particular academic area, or planning for a certain career. Scholarships can be for one year of support or for the years it takes to complete a degree or technical program.

Tax Benefits
Because of its public charity status, scholarships established at the Foundation qualify for the maximum income tax and estate tax deductions for charitable gifts.  Gifts of appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, mutual fund shares, real estate, etc.) that are used to establish or grow a scholarship fund are deductible at their fair market value. Capital gains taxes are avoided because the Foundation, a tax-exempt entity, sells the asset. All capital appreciation and income generated by a scholarship fund accrue to the Fund’s balance tax-free and remain available to support additional scholarship grants.

Administrative Advantages
The Foundation provides ongoing service to make sure it is managed properly.  We oversee assets, report on their growth, assist in selecting students who will receive your funding for their educational advancement, and produce an annual report for you to review. 



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